Republic of NZRE

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Our Government

The government of the NZRE Republic is a parliamentary republic with 2 Emperors. The Emperors are the executive heads of government, but have very little legislative power. The legislative power is left to Parliament, which is made of 2 senators from each province, elected via STV.

NZRE Constitution

NZRE Criminal Laws:

NZRE Civil Laws:

See more on the political parties page.

Members of Government


Nathan (C-KE)

Zack (C-KE)


Kelvia (KE)
   Kasper (I), [vacant seat]

Members of the Executive Office

Executive Office
Federal Police
 Rachel (I-KE)

Supreme Court judges

  • Rachel (I-KE)

Become a candidate


Represents a certain province in the NZRE Parliament.

Heads a Ministry of national importance and is part of the Cabinet.


Leader of a province.  Solves problems at a provincial level.


Leader of a city or town. Solves problems at a city level.

New province

Provinces are a subdivision of the country. They each send two senators to parliament. Any citizen can create a new province, but it must be approved by the government and have a minimum population of 9 people (at this moment). The minimum people requirement changes as the total population increases, and as the number of provinces increases.