Republic of NZRE

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NZRE Identity Numbers (NIN)

We take privacy of our citizens quite seriously.  Thus, if you wish to not have your name and NIN# displayed below, please contact a government official so we may remove your information.  We will not deny any requests of information removal.

 Full Name
 Nathan Holmes-King
 Zack Janczura
 Rachel Janczura
 Armando Holmes-King
 Melissa Holmes
 Jennifer King
 Annette Janczura
 Mark Janczura
 Lori Janczura
 Stan Janczura
 Skye Evans
 Sloane Koenig
 Sydney Koenig
 Aidan Madden-Watson
 John Lonergan
 Derek Crook
 Kristen Jang
 Mallory Michmerhuizen
 Jack Blankenship
 Keegan Murray
 Elijah Mora