Republic of NZRE

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Interested in becoming a NZRE citizen?  We are always happy to hear that.  Please click the button below to get started. 

About Citizens of NZRE


Rights are privileges given to citizens that cannot be revoked or exploited.  New rights are subject to be added at any time with or without notice.  Please contact us if you have questions!

- Everyone can elect Emperors/Empresses.

- Everyone can elect Senators for parliament.

- Everyone can elect your province's Governor.

- Everyone can elect your city's Magistrate.

- Everyone can elect your province's governor/governess.

- Everyone will be under the NZRE Articles of Lendusian Rights.

        - Everyone has freedom of speech and religion.

        - Everyone may photograph/record government officials.

        - Everyone has the right to an education until college.

        - Everyone has the right to enough food and water.

        - Everyone has the right to access the entire internet.

        - Everyone has the right to acquire free clothes.

- Everyone will be classified as a NZRE citizen.


Duties are mandatory responsibilities that must be fulfilled to become a citizen of NZRE. Please contact us if you have questions relating to duties!


- Everyone must follow NZRE laws. 

- Everyone must pay taxes to your host macronation, as foreign aid; being a citizen does not revoke your duties of tax to your previous government.

Already a citizen?

If you are already a citizen and wish to change your citizenship information, click the button below.

If you would like to change your location within your macronation, use the forms below. We encourage you to give your location within your macronation, though we will not use it against you.