Republic of NZRE

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Welcome to NZRE!

The NZRE Republic (pronounced nÉ™-ZUR) is a very small, peaceful micronation that currently has two main pieces of land separated about an eight minute drive apart.  The land in between is owned by the USA.  NZRE has no desire to be recognized by any large nation as of now, but the micronation has plans to evolve in the future.  NZRE has all the essentials for a country; government, territory, population, and foreign relations with other micronations. To obtain citizenship, there is no fee, however there is a short application. 


What's new, happening, and changing in NZRE?  From minor occurrences to rare happenings, we give you the facts!  So prepare yourselves for the national news group- NZRE News!  We'll be telling every single one of you citizens about the micronation, so check here every day!  

What's currently happening is to the right!

  • BREAKING: Senator Mallory has resigned.
  • The national chess tournament is open. More details on the news page.
  • BREAKING: NZRE has received 3 new international citizens from Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
  • NZRE has received a citizen from another micronation!

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